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My Story

As a software engineer and web developer with a unique background, I bring a diverse set of skills to the table. With a foundation in art and creative education, I am able to visualize end products and reverse engineer solutions. My experience as a serial entrepreneur has honed my ability to think outside the box, and my public-speaking background has developed my communication skills to clearly convey complex ideas to diverse audiences.

My journey to software development began with a successful career as a founder, which included two exits and industry experience in various roles. I then went on to develop a software-based business model, COSALON. To further my expertise, I enrolled in the Turing School of Software and Design for Back-End Development, where I gained hands-on experience in programming.

Beyond work, I prioritize spending time with my family and volunteering, as well as advocating for under served communities. I also enjoy reading and spending time in nature.